Lunapatch 6 pack retail only

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Lunapatch 6 pack retail only
Lunapatch 6 pack retail only Lunapatch 6 pack retail only
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Uses electron donation to relieve cramps and also fatigue associated with normal menstrual cycle. The technology works because - Women are under oxidative stress for 2/3 of their menstrual cycle. Electron donation helps eliminate oxidative stress.

Applying on uterus area for cramp relief. Relief results are greatly improved if applied to uterus as soon as menstrual symptoms appear, instead of waiting until the cramping is really bad. Be proactive so to not even get to that point.

For fatigue and headache relief patch needs to be placed on back of neck.

The underlying technology is same as Heliopatch. The difference between the two products is that Lunapatch has a softer adhesive and better formulated for this type of relief. 

Contains 6 patches

Each patch lasts up to 72 hours. Only Known Side effect is chance for skin irritation.


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Water, Glycerin, Elemental Magnesium, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Silver

Customer Reviews

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I used these for period cramps associated with endometriosis and they definitely made my cramps more manageable when I used them the day before i anticipated my pain would be worst. Will get again!

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