Heliopatch - New User Trial Special Offer

$7.99 $15.98

Heliopatch - New User Trial Special Offer
Heliopatch - New User Trial Special Offer Heliopatch - New User Trial Special Offer Heliopatch - New User Trial Special Offer Heliopatch - New User Trial Special Offer Heliopatch - New User Trial Special Offer Heliopatch - New User Trial Special Offer

***For a limited time, in celebration of the launch of our new product, we’re offering new users a special trial offer of 2 for the low price of $7.99 (US free shipping!).***


Meet the revolutionary new way to naturally reduce the damage from pain and damaged cells and increase optimal performance!

Heliopatch utilizes specially refined elemental magnesium and a hydrogel electrolyte layer to donate naked electrons into the body.  These naked electrons seek out the free radicals within the area and neutralize them - reducing the risk to your healthy cells and increasing cellular performance and recovery.
  • High Quality Magnesium - vapor refinement process ensures highest purity levels
  • Drug and Opioid Free - no harmful or addictive drugs or chemicals.
  • Electrolyte Infused Hydrogel Activation Layer – ensures optimal contact with Magnesium disc while providing flexibility and comfort
  • Menthol/Methyl Salicylate Free - no odor or smells released
  • Easy to use, easy to carry - low profile and flexible lets it be placed on and forgotten.
  • Long Lasting - each patch can last up to 3 days (72 hours)
  • Warranty: 30-day unconditional return guaranty for the product
  • Free Shipping in the US!


Water, Glycerin, Elemental Magnesium, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Silver

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
It Just Works

This has immediate benefit to the pain in my lower back. It was challenging the first time. After that, it was easy.


I love the heilopatch for when i have pain.

They work!!

I hate taking medication. This stuff works and is homeopathic which is an extra plus! Provided the information to my chiropractor.

Great product

Been using helio patches for months. Helps take the edge off my pain. Lasts all day.

on time

They did a good job packing them and they arrived right on time.They're great.


Lul pricey 7 98 for 1 patch..but it works


I absolutely love them.I've kept trying pain patches and this is the first time it actually worked.I am ecstatic.Thank all of you!!!

Wasn’t sticky

I usually love these patches they work well for my pain I’m experiencing as I recover from hip surgery. Sadly the patch in this order wouldn’t stick to me at all. I emailed about the issue and they said they never heard of this happening and offered a discount code but that code didn’t work. So I went ahead and bought another at full price because they are worth it and really do help my pain. Hopefully no issues with the next order!

Still figuring it out

I’m using the patch for a trigger thumb which may also have arthritis. It is a little difficult to always find the source of the pain and also to place and wear the patch at the base of the thumb. But I am becoming more convinced that it is helping.

Just ok

Didnt help my sciatica pain ..tried several days in several different locations ..but they do stick good and you can peel them off and reapply .

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