The Human Half-Cell Effect

When your cells are under stress from exertion (say after a hard workout) these escaped free radicals attack your cells. Free radicals cause damage to your body’s cells, and the relief Heliopatch provides is the result of neutralizing these molecules through the following process:

  1. When you apply the patch, magnesium in the patch oxidizes, releasing naked electrons into the body. Positive ions from the potassium and calcium also migrate into the body.
  2. The electrons from the magnesium seek out positively charged free radicals, providing them with an electron they would otherwise steal from healthy cells in your body, thereby damaging healthy tissue.
  3. The neutralized free radicals are now harmless. The more free radicals you have within range of the patch, the faster the transfer of electrons and ions takes place, making the Heliopatch a self-adjusting remedy. You should feel the results within 10 to 20 minutes of applying the patch, and will last based on your unique situation.
  4. As an added benefit, potassium from the electrolyte solution floats into the body, replenishing your body with an important nutrient that is lost through sweating. The patch produces further positive effects for those seeking alkalizing inputs, as hydroxyl radicals become alkalizing hydroxide when neutralized.


Pain relief rubs applied directly to the skin provide some relief, but they are temporary and simply mask the pain. While anti-inflammatory pills can alleviate the enzyme-generated pain and inflammation, these can take a toll on your stomach and liver in the process. Pills are also impossible to target to a specific area.

Typical antioxidant supplements don't have much effect plus these molecules are slow, can only act in immediate vicinity of a free radical, cannot be directed to where the body really needs them, and when they do perform as an antioxidant the rest of the molecule is now a waste product.

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