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It works

I purchased 5 Heliopatch patches a few weeks ago after I started to experience soreness in my right elbow. I play a lot of golf and wanted to see to try something that was odorless. I have to admit that I was very impressed with the patches. No odor and they were easy to applied. My only issue with the product was that one of the patches appeared to be defective. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

Too soon to tell.

I’ve only used one patch on my left knee (MCL area) after a tweak while skiing. Still in the resting phase but seem to be able to do most things with caution, especially my beloved yoga.

Very helpful I even gave one to a friend that us hurying, hoping she will order also. Thank you.

Having trouble w/ this system.

Works great!

Easy to use, and works great once I find the right place to adhere the patch. I'm so happy that I found these!


This product is amazing. Truly a wonderful, effective way to treat pain. So excited about Heliopatch!

Placement important/Good results

Great product. Crippling sciatica at times. If you put it directly on the spot! Not difficult.

Great Product

This is a great product and great company. This doesn't help muscle soreness but for joint irritation it's solid. Stays on for long periods of time and curbs pain for hours/days after removal. Highly recommend for shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle pain.

Didn't help with my pain

Great customer service

I love these patches. They work and customer device is so helpful.

Knee pain

Started to feel pain relief in knee joint after 2 applications.

Heliopatch - Box of 10 Patches

Heliopatch - Box of 10 Patches

Was hoping for more

Did absolutely nothing for me.

Relax, it WORKS!

Having suffered for years with osteoporosis, I can happily attest that I found pain relief And increased mobility with Heliopatch.
My right hip is grateful for the relief.


Bought these for my husband. He works on his feet all day,and he has back pain. These patche have done wonders. Will be buying some again.

Unbelievable how great it works! True story

I've had chronic lower back pain and nerve pain that nothing ever helped with the pain. No prescription ever provided the amount of relief I felt within 5 minutes of applying the patch. I was skeptical after reading about them but I have tried everything so gave heliopatch a try and my only regret is I wish I found them years ago. 5 star all day long.

Very beneficial pain relief for my bursitis and I so thank you for this product ❤️

Thank you so very

It it

It seems to be working slightly


So sorry that the patch didn’t alleviate any of my pain. Really hoped it would.

Subscription Box ( 10 Pack) - Subscribe and Save

Best thing I've tried for back pain

Heliopatch is one of the best things I've tried! It works SO well and I am amazed at how quickly it takes away my lumbar back pain. I use them often in training - especially for deadlifts or heavy squats. I highly recommend this product!


Loved the ease of use, amazing support, and the patch worked on my tendinitis as advertised. The tendinitis didn’t immediately return after removing the patch. This is a great product.

It Works!

I have very bad knee pain and have to take cortisone shots on a regular basis. I have moved from a Cain to a walker, because walking is just too difficult. since I have been using the Helio patch I have been able to walk better, and the pain has greatly decreased when I am wearing the patch. I shared my pain reduction with a friend, and given her the website to Helio. I will be ordering more patches!

Seems to work well

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