Human Half-Cell White Paper

If there is only one article you read, make it this one. This lays the ground work and explanation to how our Half-Cell and naked electron technology works and why it matters to you. It is written to be approachable by everyone.

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The Naked Electron - What Is It and How It Works

When we talk about the naked electron, it sounds simple, but we have discovered how to manipulate them and use them in a completely new way to enhance biological processes. The naked electron is not like electricity but instead is more like a nutrient. Electrons add to your free radicals and neutralize them electrochemically.

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Intercellular Alkalizing Effects of the Naked Electron

There is some evidence that having an alkalizing environment in the body has beneficial effects on performance. In this article we briefly discuss why and explain how the electrochemistry of Heliopatch provides naked electrons to create an alkalizing environment.

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Using Antioxidants to Enhance Athletic Performance

Antioxidant supplementation shows significant benefits for athletic performance during and after sustained physical activity. These correlations have been significant, reproducible and robust. In this article we talk about how the naked electron is the most ideal and potent antioxidant directed exactly where you want it to go. Electrons provide a precise, clean and rapid boost to performance.

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Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Their Creation, Interconversion, Detoxification & a New Solution with the Naked Electron

Most free radicals in the body are composed of Reactive Oxygen Species. This paper extensively illustrates the various radicals and how the naked electron from our magnesium source is able to neutralize them. The potency of the naked electron allows it to act at a distance, which is unique among antioxidant mechanisms.

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