Don't Deadlift Like Drake

Drake is rarely out of the news, but the media spotlight has shown on him particularly brightly this week due a public beef with Meek Mill. We’re neutral when it comes to rap beefs, but we are worried about the corrupting influence Drake is having on the youth of America – not through his music, but through his form.

Drake’s terrible deadlift form could singlehandedly be responsible for back injuries to thousands of teens. We’re happy to patch them up with Heliopatch’s antioxidant therapy, but, ideally, Drake fans will turn away from his terrible example and learn to deadlift safely.

Unsure if your deadlift form is safe? Let’s break down the tape and show you where Drake is going wrong.

Rounded Back

As you can see, Drake is fully bent over, with his back rounded and his chest over the bar. When deadlifting, your chest should be up and your spine should be neutral. You don’t want a bend or an arch in your back in either direction, it should be an even horizontal plane.


Bar Scraping Shins

Drake has his feet tucked up almost all the way under the bar, which throws off his balance. When you’re preparing to deadlift, the bar should run over the middle part of your foot – not rest on your ankles.


Wearing Gloves

This is more an aesthetic decision than a form criticism, but serious lifters rarely wear gloves. Use chalk, Drake!


Bent Elbows

Drake’s arms are in an alright position when he’s preparing to lift, but once he starts the lift itself, everything breaks down. During a deadlift, your elbows should be locked – Drizzy is approaching a 90 degree angle.



It’s hard to tell in a still image, but Drake is about to jerk himself out of his shoes. Deadlifts should be smooth. Lift the bar by pushing with your feet and legs, don’t yank with your back like Drake is doing here.

The Right Way to Deadlift

For a good example of proper deadlift form, check out this video by powerlifting legend Dave Tate.

If you’re too lazy to watch a video (maybe you don’t have time, you have to get to the gym), Stronglifts has a wealth of information on proper deadlift form, including this image, which is the opposite of what we’ve seen from Drake. Bar over the middle of the feet, a nice vertical line from your shoulder blades all the way down to your feet and raised chest and neutral spine position. That’s how you deadlift like a real rap legend.

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