How do Menthol Rubs Work? Pain Relief vs. Pain Masking

How do Menthol Rubs Work? Pain Relief vs. Pain Masking

There’s no shortage of creams and rubs available to treat your various aches and pains. They go by different names and appeal to different sources of authority – be it “biology” or the mysteries of Eastern medicine. These miracle salves are purportedly just what you need to fix up sports injuries and the wear and tear of athletic performance.  However, the truth is that the chemical that these ointments most rely on is also used to freshen your breath, relieve your nasal congestion, and add a tingle to cigarettes. I’m talking about menthol, and while it’s minty fresh, it’s not actually helping you recover.

For all of their big claims, menthol rubs don’t do anything but mask your pain. Menthol activates something in your nervous system called “gate control.” By stimulating certain nerve fibers, menthol overrides the pain signals that are being sent to your brain. You get a few minutes of temporary relief, but the underlying causes of your pain aren’t going anywhere. Of course, you feel better, which encourages overtraining and can actually lead you to hurt yourself further.

Heliopatch is different. Heliopatch relieves aches and pain by specifically targeting the molecules that cause it. Instead of just masking pain, Heliopatch uses the concept of standard electrode potential to send electrons directly into the injured area. The electrons bind with destructive free radicals, rendering them harmless, which allows your cells to repair themselves without interruption. Heliopatch also replenishes the body with potassium that is lost through sweating, further helping post-workout recovery.
If you’re serious about training, you can’t afford to just cover up pain, or worse, injure yourself further by overtraining. Heliopatch delivers the relief you need, while speeding your recovery. Leave the hokum at the drugstore and turn to real scientific relief.

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